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Dear Todd & Jeri - Well, that was a fabulous week in New York City! Your planning, good taste, and attention to detail enabled us to enjoy such a variety of music. It was the experience of a lifetime for me. We are so blessed to live in a community rich with music and your role in sustaining that wealth is valued and appreciated. Once again, thank you.
Virginia D.
New York City 2019
Dear Todd- Well, you’re not a mother, but you are like a mother hen! Thank you so very much for all of your incredible attention and care putting this trip together. It will be a cherished memory for everyone. I so much appreciate you!
Bettina S.
Mexico City 2017
Yes, it was a wonderful trip! Shaun and I have been talking about going to Ireland for years and this trip fulfilled our dreams. We found Ireland to be a "lovely" country with a fascinating history and terrific people. The daily masses and fellow pilgrims made the trip even more special. Thank you Todd for making it possible.
John H.
Ireland 2017
Todd, What a wonderful trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for arranging this itinerary. Monica's love for her country and its history was evident and a great plus. And, to have the insights of Fr Thomas, a living scholar of Romuald and the Camaldolese, provided depth in understanding the history. Please include my contact information for others, as I am looking forward to sharing photos. And please include me in any future trips you offer. Thanks, again.
vatican pilgrimage
David S.
Footsteps of St. Romuald 2018
Todd, What a good idea to have a reunion party! We wish we could be there. We enjoyed you two and all the people on the trip tremendously. All of the activities were fun and interesting. A highlight, of course, was the Requiem. And it was great to have the extra time with Scott. Thank you for a really memorable trip.
Sandra H.
Mexico City 2017
Todd: Once again, thank you for everything: the planning, the preparation, the delivery and execution of the Pilgrimage. It was a "once in a lifetime" experience for Carolynn and I. We are still overwhelmed by it all.
[re: Travel insurance claim] Thought I would also update you on the insurance matters. Kaiser (my insurance) covered most of my stay and associated bills. And CSA Travel Insurance covered the rest. We had no "out of pocket" expenses at all. Really an amazing set-up --- and we thought we should let you know how well it works (it just takes some time). All our best ..... continue your ministry in Christ ......
vatican pilgrimage
Mike and Carolynn G.
Diaconate Jubilee 2016
Dear Todd- What a “lawv-ly” pilgrimage to Ireland. We enjoyed ourselves - and the Happy Pilgrims immensely. You do an awesome job organizing and implementing these trips! We look forward to the Holy Land!
Rea & Judy W.
Ireland 2017 & Italy 2016
Todd & Jeri- Thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful experience in Ireland. John & I appreciate everything you do.
Shaun H.
Ireland 2017
Dear Todd, God bless you and your work! What a wonderful trip! I’m still “digesting” it as I share with mt family and friends our experiences. I know I went up Blarney Castle, but I really don’t have the words to express what a great journey this was! The pilgrimage from present day worship to prehistoric … Amazing!
Pat A.
Ireland 2017
Thank you, Todd and to each and every one of you. I am most thankful that the trip was indeed a blessed pilgrimage with so much sunshine- more than what we have asked God for! God has been very kind and generous to us throughout our journey. Go Irish! And yes, I found my Irish heritage hehehe....
Fr. Edwin L.
Ireland 2018
We have returned from our trip to Mexico City, which was truly memorable and a great success. Many of you may have been following our adventures through social media, but in case you don’t have access, I’m attaching a few pictures. A highlight of the tour was, of course, the concert on Saturday night, and getting to see our Scott conduct the Mexico City Philharmonic performing Brahms’ “German” Requiem. We also enjoyed some time with Scott and Alice, as well as a few musicians and staff from the Philharmonic. Overall, it was an educational, warm, luxurious, and successful trip. Todd Corgill is to be warmly congratulated the next time you see him for his tremendous work putting the trip together.
Executive Director
Mexico City 2017
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John Doe

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